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User Time Attendance Management solutions, which require manual marking and calculating employee time often takes time and adds greatly to the cost of the organization.

Manual time and attendance management system is also prone to problems such as human error, buddy punching, and timeliness dishonest, which again adds to the overhead of the organization, this will directly affect the efficiency and productivity of an organization.

What are the features of the time and attendance management of automated systems?

Reduce Time and Effort

Time and Attendance software enables organizations to sign and record employee attendance data and generate various reports for the needs of the organization scheme.


The employee data acts as input for the payroll system that is responsible for generating and calculate employee wages. user time management requires time, effort and prone to errors that add to the cost of the same. automated attendance system tamper-proof, reducing the possibility of punching a friend.


A Time and Attendance software not only saves administrative costs but also facilitates the process of centrally managing HR policies' presence of various locations.


The HR manager can easily access data from employee attendance software or take advantage of the system for performance appraisal or review for a monthly salary calculation.

Precise Calculation of overtime leaves balanced, the leaves are taken and so forth, helping HR managers to work without fear of underpaying or pay more for surveillance or incorrect calculations. One can easily record the end, early-out, overtime and better ensure accuracy and avoid scams.

Remote Access

A network-based or cloud-based absence management system enables managers to access information anywhere. Employees can clock hours using a web browser, mobile device or desktop. Time attendance management system suitable for schools, hospitals, government agencies, financial institutions, hotels, and both small and large businesses.

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