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Europe's first knowledge of having Fiji is through the writings of Captain James Cook who met Fijians in Tonga. Even back in the 18th century, Fiji was described as tough warriors and fierce cannibals and the best boat builders in the Pacific.

But for all their advantages, Fiji lost the naming rights to their islands because of one simple greeting. The Tongans named Fiji’s native land Viti 'Fiji'. Cook noted this articulation and the world calls it Fiji islands.

After reaching the Fiji islands, a world of opportunities opens up. Inhabitants largely base their existence on the surrounding seawater. Options range from a pleasant view of the island over to the mystic underwater world of Fiji. You can also book a premium plunge pool bungalow to get perfect beach view from the bungalow.

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Fiji offers some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world, with crystal clear water, the water temperature is stable and some coral reefs are the most bio-diverse on earth.

You can hire a helicopter and see the magic waters of Fiji from the air. You will often see a giant game fish and ancient turtles from the air and this experience will be with you forever.

Take a journey through the ancient rainforest, standing under a cascading waterfall, a river trip to native villages and gasp as the mountain plateau turns purple at sunset.

For those who prefer to get to know the region intimately one island at a time, the option to stay in some of the most desirable in the world's Resort is very attractive.

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