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Babies born addicted to drugs and pain killers is an alarming epidemic increases. As many as 25% of newborns in intensive care units in some areas reported being treated for drug withdrawal.

Because of this increase being intrusive, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recently issued guidelines to identify and treat babies born addicted to opioid pain killers and other medicines. Guidelines to help physicians and hospitals across the country better respond to the epidemic.

The US Centers for Disease Control has identified misuse (non-medical use) from opioid painkillers as an epidemic that has built up in the last five years.

Pregnant women who abuse painkillers opioid or using drugs during pregnancy passes along addiction and related health risk to their unborn child in the womb. This results in many fetal drug exposure of infants born to drug addiction, which if severe enough can be fatal for newborns.

neonatal intensive care unit to put policies in place based on the AAP guidelines to help them screen mothers and children for drug addiction. Infant testing can be done using urine and meconium babies. Infants who show excessive irritability, tremors, vomiting, and a shrill cry could be tested for drug withdrawal.

 If the drugs found in the system of a child, the first course of action suggested by the guidelines of non-pharmaceutical response. The treatment may consist of swaddling, soothing rocking care, and reduce light and noise which can over stimulate babies.

Any woman who becomes pregnant while addicted to painkillers or other medication should seek professional treatment immediately under the supervision of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers experienced.

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