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Locksmiths do repairing, maintenance and installation work.  Even a range of key and electronic-based lock mechanisms is available these days.  Locksmiths do offer several such services. The work on a wide range of lock and security systems is done by them. There are certain locksmiths that are specialized in one field. These locksmiths are named as a safe technician or auto locksmith.  

An auto locksmith in St Leonards is one that is highly experienced in unlocking the complex locking mechanisms. It can be of any latest vehicles models that come in the market. You can take the help of an auto locksmith in case keys are stolen or misplaced.  Sometimes the key is left inside the car accident.


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There are locksmiths that are self-employed. Even in they are employed via automobile repair center, roadside assistance service or car dealership.

In order to protect business or office premises assets from theft or burglary commercial locksmith are employed.

These locksmiths have efficient knowledge in relation to a key or keyless lock systems whose installation is done on exterior and interior doors.   Locksmith services provided by commercial locksmiths are varied. The service provided by them includes repairing broken locks.

Commercial locksmiths are even employed in Security Company. The companies that are financed or business-related work here. They have knowledge related to technological changes. The locksmith can even work on electronic locks or keyless entries.


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You can take effective security system advice from these companies. You can navigate here in order to know more about the locksmith.

Safe Technician

Safe technicians are specialized in their field.  These technicians are considered skilled in the maintaining of home or office safes. Such locksmiths are employed in financial or banking industries. They do have knowledge on a range of the lock.


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