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Mark Cuban has an answer to the country’s economic stimulus plan. He wants to improve America by encouraging people to think more entrepreneurial and gives a plan for a start up businesses. He is on the top track. The spirit of the manager and the pioneer is the driving force behind what it is to be an American. It is part of our culture. His plan is worth watching at for those who have an idea for a business or already have a business and who need venture capital to fund it.

Mark Cuban inspires people to create businesses that suddenly become self- funding. He wants to jump-start businesses so that they can become successful and create works. If you come up with an idea that he likes he will spend money in it but he doesn’t guarantee any particular amount. He also realizes that other people could take the idea but thinks that if you have the imagination, ingenuity and drive you will be able to do your plan better and help more people in the process.

He lists a specific set of rules (13 of them) and seems to be open to having anything come as a result of his plan or even nothing at all.

For those who do not meet his 13 terms, or have ideas that don’t fit within his parameters, there are an endless amount of other ways to jump-start your own idea. Several that I have learned are invaluable and may be of help to you. With the advent of modern technology, social networking sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace have revolutionized the way that business is being taken online.

For absolutely free a person can drive traffic to his or her own website and create a business from all parts of the world.

You can also write articles that provide data for people and drive more traffic to your website in exchange for the information provided.


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