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28. September 2017 · Comments Off on Healthy Games For Spa Party · Categories: Entertainment

Not like the ordinary boring games, the spa party games are very different and interesting. If you like, you can play a game that is based on nutrition, exercise or diet. In fact, anything that brings along light enjoyment to the gang waiting for their spa treatment can be added to the party for fun.

You can even add these games to your birthday parties. Birthday parties Markham based company can arrange one of that kind for you. The following are some games that can make your party both interesting and refreshing.

Games For Spa Party

Clay body painting:

In this type of game you will enjoy having a little fun with your clay or mud masks at the spa party. You can add a competitive touch in the game by giving prizes for the most artistic body art at the end of the session.

But before playing, do not forget to spread out a large cloth on the floor in order to keep the clay away from getting everywhere. You also have to arrange plenty of brushes, clay and some water.

Calorie Count:

Spa Party Activities

If you like guessing games, you may include games like guessing the calorie content of some fruits, vegetables and other foods items served in the spa party. You may set a good example of various foods on display along with a numbering system.

Provide pencils and papers to the guests on which they can write their answers and then put them in a box. At the end of the session open the box and declare the person as the winner whose guesses were the closest. You may give the food examples as the award to the guests who win this guessing game.

These were some of the games told by spa birthday parties Vaughan organizers. You may take help from the internet to find more ideas on spa party games.